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Together With You All the Way, Fighting Against the Virus.
View:1567 2020-03-04

Affected by the novel corona virus.

For the positive response to the national call.

Our working hours as extended to February 17, 2020.

Our “epidemic prevention team” strictly checked the company employees before going back to work.

Upon going back to work, everyone will consciously accept the the temperature test and disinfection every day.


For this epidemic situation, we’ve purchased enough prevention materials.

Two masks per employee per day during work time.

All employees are required to wear masks all the time.

Waste masks will be collected and destroyed together.

Our team disinfects the whole office twice a day.


For the health problems of employees, our company attaches great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic.

And before coming back to work our company has collated and issued a number of related documents to ensure the health of employees.


For deepening employees' understanding of the epidemic.

We printed and posted some knowledge into posters and reduced the entry of outsiders into our company.

Real-time news are transmitted by our products (Video Wall & Floor Standing Digital Signage).


In this situation.

We will fight together.

We will win together.

All staff should do well in personal and family health protection.

It's not just about being responsible for ourselves, and for customers who always trust us.

Together With you all the way, fighting against the virus.