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2019 International Consumer Electronics Expo Indonesia, OKView is here!
View:1291 2019-12-23

Indonesia Jakarta Consumer Electronics Exhibition ICEE, Come!

The exhibition is held once a year

From 2019-12-17 to 2019-12-19 in Jakarta, Indonesia



As the only consumer electronics exhibition in the world, it has been successfully held in Thailand, Iran, Brazil, South Africa and other places.

The organizers carefully select exhibitors to ensure the quality of exhibits ICEE.

OKView as a rising star of the conference tablet market, the conference tablet and the new conference solution were presented at this exhibition, to show the audience a new model of efficient conference in the new era.

OKView get recognition from all over the world with our focus and efforts on the conference field.

OKView team participated in ICEE

As a new brand in Shenzhen-----OKView, be Invited to participate in the ICEE exhibition this time, General manager of OKView and our excellent business team 
arrived at the airport with excitement.


Arriving at the ICEE exhibition site, our team began to arrange the venue.

The exhibition has a wide range of exhibition categories, such as communication products and accessories;

computers, hardware, software and other peripheral device; portable electronic products and accessories.


Exhibition hall completed the layout, The venue was filled with technology, attracted famous enterprises and people from all over the world.


OKView depend on innovative and cutting-edge technology to create a higher-quality experience for efficient conferences.


Our team members are introducing and demonstrating seriously how to use the efficient conference flat panel for audience.


With the rapid development of digital information technology, people who are not bound by age be attracted by the technology.


A young child have great interest in technology, the future of technology belongs to you!

No matter in product manufacturing or sales service,



Our aim is that bring better product and service experience to customers. The bright smile of the customer is the biggest recognition to OKView.